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Dog Grooming: Are Seasonal Cuts Necessary?

Your Ultimate Guide to when and what kind of grooming your pet needs each season.

Summer is the perfect time to give your pet a fresh cut. This can help keep them cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. However, it’s important to

consider your pet’s individual coat type and their environment before jumping into a summer cut. Shaving a dog’s thick coat can make it difficult for them to stay cool. In addition, different dog breeds have different coats. Some have a double coat, while others have a single coat. Our experienced groomers are happy to discuss the best options for you and your pet’s individual needs.

Heat exhaustion and dehydration are a danger to your pet in the Texas heat. Dogs, like humans, have natural ways of cooling themselves down. However, dogs–like people–can still overheat when the weather gets too hot or cannot regulate their body temperature enough to stay cool. The primary reason why dogs overheat during the summer is their coat. When the weather is cold, a dog’s coat works perfectly to keep them warm. However, in the summertime, that same natural insulation *works against dogs by trapping heat** against their bodies, leading to overheating.

A summer cut is a way to reduce the amount of heat trapped by a dog’s fur while still allowing your dog to keep its natural insulating later. On that note: never shave your dog during the summer. A summer cut is just that: a haircut, not a complete shave. If you shave your dog’s hair entirely, you increase the chances that they will get sunburns, injuries, and insect bites; it can actually make them hotter since their coat protects their body from UV rays.

If you have a dog with a double coat, never cut all the way down to the undercoat layer. Instead, trim the top fur without going all the way down to the undercoat layer. You should also avoid cutting your dog’s hair if they have a naturally short coat; breeds such as Boxers or Boston Terriers, for instance, will not need summer cuts.

Come see us at Bark and Purr Pet Grooming and see what we can do for your pet so that the Summer becomes a "breeze"!

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