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A Puppy Playing with a Toy


Boarding Services start at $35-40 per night for small or large dogs and $30 per night for cats!
  • All-inclusive boarding offers bedding, bowls, treats, toys, and personal attention from our staff. We and vets recommend keeping your pet on his normal food and treats to lessen digestive problems. Please bring food, treats, and medications and we will serve them per your instructions.

  • Personal bedding and toys may be provided if you wish but please mark all items with a permanent marker so we can be sure to return them

  • All boarding areas are cleaned and sterilized at least twice per day

  • Overnight Boarding check-out time is 12:00 pm, after 12:00 pm there is a day care charge of $15. All clients will need to individually bag their dog's food. If food is forgotten/you would like us to feed them our house dog food it will be $4 per meal.

  • Pick up days are Monday-Saturday during business hours

  • Pick ups on Sundays are by appointment only

Dog Grooming and Boarding
Cat Grooming and Boarding
Pet Grooming and Boarding in Allen TX
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